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About ProSolutions

Our Passion is Getting You the Intel You Need

"I want to know what my competitors are doing, but I don't know where to start."

As a professional in the hospitality industry, you already know the value in understanding what your competition is doing.  But actually doing the research is time-consuming, so we understand why it's easy for it to fall to the bottom of the to-do list.  This is where we come in - we have decades of experience in mystery shopping hotels that means we can get you the information you need to make the decisions that will improve your hotel's sales, your customer's satisfaction, and ultimately your bottom line.


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Jana Love


Jana's all about the big picture and how ProSolutions can be helping companies truly move the needle and make improvements that last.  She's also the company's founder, starting out as a mystery shopping firm in 1989.


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ProSo - Michelle Nitchie (Square).jpg

Michelle Nitchie


Michelle's focus is the nuts and bolts that keep us going as a company.  She's also in charge of developing training and learning for ourselves and our customers, with a focus on our ever-growing eLearning business.


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ProSo - Poppie McNierney (Square).jpg

Poppie McNierney


As captain of the Strategic Pricing Division, Poppie steers the ship through a sea of spreadsheets and data.  She coordinates pricing projects large and small to help customers get exactly the reports they need to maximize their bottom lines.


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Betsy Dahlke


Betsy helms our Competition Comparison and Negotiated Rates programs, making sure each customer gets a stellar return that tells them not only what their customers are selling (and at what $), but how.


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ProSo's Annual Themes

Each fall, one of our favorite activities is to look to the year ahead and try to think of two words that will inspire us as we chart the course forward. 


While some years ended up being a bit more accurate than others, they are all part of our ongoing company story and we love having them. 

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