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Unlocking hotel profit margins, one price at a time

Looking to improve your revenue?

You and your customers know that pricing is at the heart of every business decision (even when we wish it wasn't).  And nowadays, this is even more true.  How do you know if your pricing is preventing you from capturing more business?  Or are you so low priced that you aren't making the most of the business you have?

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Competitor Pricing Strategy (CPS)

Our most popular service, we gather hundreds of event, amenity, and freestanding venue pricing details and compile them onto a comprehensive report that contains not only the side-by-side pricing for your hotel and your competitors, but comparison statistics and comments that help clarify what was found during the research process.  You can then go deeper into your analysis by reviewing the menus we received from the hotels, and ultimately use the tab designed to input your new pricing and estimate the positive impact this will have on revenue.

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Competition Comparison

When you're looking for not only what your Sales & Catering competitors are selling (and at what price), but how, then our Competition Comparison is for you.


To create this report, we mystery shop your competitors and record detailed information including average F&B pricing, concessions offered, room rates quoted, parking and internet costs, notes on the sales process and impression of the sales manager, and more, along with your customized criteria, when applicable.

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Negotiated Rates

Does your hotel have a robust negotiated rates program?  Learn the negotiated rates your competitors are offering for various companies. 


The report will compare your prices to theirs as well as whether or not key inclusions are included in that rate, such as internet, breakfast, and self-parking fees.

A Women-Owned and Operated Work-From-Home Business

Since it was founded over 35 years ago, ProSolutions has been owned and operated entirely by women.  Plus, we were work-from-home before it was cool.  We believe in work/life balance and find that WFH gives our team the flexibility they need to be at their best in and out of the office. 

A Dose of Inspiration

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