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3 Important "You" Rules in Customer Service

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Want to know the biggest secret about great customer service? When it comes to delivering the best customer service experience, there are many books you can read, many training courses you can take, and many companies who have opinions on how to do this correctly, and all of these are really good resources. However, I want to focus on the most important It has to be all about you to work the best.

If you are working in customer service here are the 3 most important "YOU" RULES:

  1. Each day you get to pick your attitude for the day, pick a really good one ~ this is your responsibility. There are things in your day that will influence you, but as the quote says, you get to pick how you react to these influences or distractions.

  2. If there are not clear, understandable steps regarding your company's expectations around the service you are to deliver, it is your responsibility to ask for more details. Ask to be shown what your company expects from you when delivering a great customer exchange. There can be a big difference in understanding between being told what to do, and someone showing you what to do.

  3. Smile and be attentive! Great customer service begins with the customer feeling like they have been seen and a genuine smile goes along way. Being attentive means going beyond what you immediately see, and picking up on customer needs and expectations in a proactive way. As we know, customers won’t always tell you what they expect, so you’ll need to learn to “read” them. Being attentive will let you stay ahead of the customer and proactively resolve situations.

Remember, you have a significant role and responsibility when it comes to the success of your independent contribution to your company's customer services. Good luck!

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