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Accomplish More, Procrastinate Less

I get it. You are busy and have too much on your plate, and you have a hard time juggling all of your priorities. I am in the same boat, and I often get distracted by the thought of completing something rather than just going ahead and completing it. Especially lately, it's been even more important for me to tackle something immediately rather than to put off the task until later. The relief this gives to my brain, and the accomplishment of getting more done quickly, has been very beneficial. But I am still working on this because my list of "to do's" keeps piling up, and the longer I wait to do something, the more challenging it seems, as is said in the below quote. So how do we accomplish more and procrastinate less?

I just love this super quick video, "5 Proven Methods to Beat Procrastination," from Business Insider that gives simple tips for beating procrastination. Click here to watch this <2 minute video:

I suggest that you write down or copy and paste these 5 tips from the video so that you can constantly remind yourself of the best ways to overcome procrastination. As with anything new you learn, the key to ongoing success with using a new skill is consistent repetition, so vow to embrace each of these on a daily basis:

  1. Start Easy

  2. Take Is Easy On Yourself

  3. Know Yourself

  4. Break It Down

  5. Find Your Reason

When you do, you will then become a "PRO" of NOT procrastinating. Now save others from the threat of ongoing procrastination that steals away their opportunities for success and completion of goals by sharing this short article and video with them.

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