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ProTip: 1 Easy Activity to Enhance Your Brand Image

Here's a little game to get you thinking. I like to tell owners to think of their brand as a person or a personality. It's a creative way to brainstorm and help you "put a face" on what you are trying to convey. Close your eyes and consider: What does this person act like, dress like, sound like? What makes them stand out?...What do they stand for and believe in? How do they conduct themselves? What are they skilled at?...What words would you use to describe this person?

- Tabatha Coffey, Own It!

You can't avoid constantly hearing about branding if you work in nearly any business. Even non-traditional entities, like libraries and hospitals are starting to talk about the type of "brand" they would like to represent. And you certainly know the power that having a cohesive brand carries. But what's harder is figuring out how to solidify your brand concepts and deliver something that makes sense.

That's where Tabatha Coffey's suggested activity steps in; it is an excellent way to get your creativity flowing and come up with a single, organized brand concept. Take plenty of time (preferably over multiple days) to really flesh out the person or personality that is your brand. Try telling other people about it - having to explain it really forces you to clarify your ideas. Try having other people on your team repeat the activity and discuss the similarities and differences.

So now you have this "persona" - now what? Take the next step and look at your business. What aspects (products, services, messages, electronic and printed materials, and everything else) really "fit" with your brand persona? Which ones don't and how (and more importantly, why)? Try setting a goal for yourself to change at least one of these non-matching items every few weeks so that you, slowly but surely, realign your brand and move it forward to one that will be more clear and compelling for your customers.

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