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ProTip: 10 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

According to Buzzfeed, here are 10 ways to reduce stress at work:

  1. Take a deep breath

  2. Eat a mango

  3. Make a music mix

  4. Cut into an orange

  5. Go for a walk

  6. Eat chocolate

  7. Stretch

  8. Drink tea

  9. Look out a window

  10. Meditate

Each tip provided in the video is very simple and straightforward, which makes the list very useful. However, if you are in a "front of house" customer service position, you most likely had a reaction such as: “I can’t do some of these because I don’t work in a regular office—I have to be ‘on stage’ all the time. I can’t walk away for 5 minutes to meditate.” And this is certainly true. Several of the tips may not be directly applicable to you. But they can, however, be reworked in a way that suits your environment and job expectations. For example, can you do small leg stretches behind your desk without anyone noticing? Can you take the stairs instead of the elevator when returning to your post after assisting a customer? Take a few minutes to brainstorm - how can you find ways to apply the tips while still staying within your job expectations?

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