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ProTip: 3.5 Reasons You Aren't Achieving Your Goals

The classic 3.5 reasons people (you included) don't achieve their goals are:
1) Failure to write your goals down and post them in plain view. 2) Failure to make a plan to achieve goals. 3) Failure to commit, or live up to the commitments they made. 3.5) Failure to make goals that were achievable in the first place.

- Jeffrey Gitomer, Little Red Book of Sales Answers

Whether personal or professional, we often confuse our "goals" with our "dreams." What separates the two is the idea that goals (unlike dreams) are always items that we should realistically be able to accomplish, provided we put in the time, the planning, and the commitment. Set goals that are reasonable and timely, set intermediate goals and action plans to make certain you stay on track, print them up to remind yourself of your goals, and reward yourself for your success. You'll find in no time that you've made great progress on your goals. And remember that it is always okay to shift your goals to make them either bigger or smaller; life is constantly changing around you, and your goals should move with it.

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