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ProTip: A Gym Membership for Your Brain

Contrary to what many owners think, good staff want to be well trained. They crave learning how to do their jobs better and being stimulated by exciting new ideas.

-Tabatha Coffey, Own It!

There's an unfortunate association that many people have developed between "training" and "punishment." Perhaps they have been forced to attend training so tedious or ill-conceived that it felt like torture. Or the only time they were given real training on the job was as a response to an infraction or bad performance review, and it was not clearly explained that this was to help them improve, not to punish them. Whatever the reason, this negative attitude from both managers and employees makes many companies hesitant to whole-heartedly commit themselves to training.

But as Tabatha Coffey states, employees actually do want to be trained. People genuinely want to be good at their jobs, and they do want to feel successful. It's all about pitching the training with that mindset, and then providing training that actually lives up to that promise.

The other thing to note is that she states that "good" staff want to be trained. That's an important distinction. If you have some employees who balk at any and all training attempts, you should strongly consider whether they are the right individuals for your team or if they are in the wrong position (and maybe even the wrong company).

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