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ProTip: Are You Trying Too Many Things at Once?

The financial and human resources needed to fulfill the mission of any initiative - be it one that pertains to customer experience or to some other area of the organization - are always in short supply. Even if they aren't, the problems of time and attention still remain. For example, just because you have the money to do something doesn't mean you have the time or the organizational "bandwidth" to do it. Attempting to juggle multiple initiatives - even just a few - significantly affects employees throughout the organization.

- Roy Barnes and Bob Kelleher, Customer Experience for Dummies

If you're reading this blog, you almost certainly interesting in things like performance improvement and enhancing your skills or those of your team. So you understand the desire to push out new initiatives and new training - surely, if they're good initiatives and good training, something good will come out of them? As Barnes and Kelleher remind us above, more is definitely not always better. While they certainly aren't suggesting we stop pushing forward, they are just reminding us that splitting our (and our employees') attention between many different things can often mean that none of them succeed the way we want them to.

So try this simple step: start keeping a running list (if you don't already) of all initiatives, goals, training, procedures, missions/vision statements, etc. that you currently have that you would expect yourself/your employees to be following. Refer to this list every time you want to roll out something new, and consider whether you need to wait, to combine and simplify some of the items, or to replace an older item with your newer goal. Better to do a few things well than many things poorly!

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