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ProTip: Ask Your Customer What to Do

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

If your best solution is not suitable for the customer, try to find something that will work. If you are at a loss to know how to resolve a problem, ask the customer what she would do to solve the problem if this were her business. Asking that question will help the customer walk in your shoes. Work together to come up with a realistic solution that is mutually acceptable.

Renee Evenson, Customer Service Training 101

Complaint resolution has always been a hot-button issue in customer service for both the customers and the service representatives. It is often perceived as a huge hassle by the representatives, almost a punishment; what they (we) don't realize is that resolving a customer's complaint in a truly satisfactory way (which will sometimes involve asking the customer how they want the situation fixed) results in a win-win situation. The customer is happy and they will often be more loyal to your company than before the issue happened. However, we may worry that the customer will ask for too much. You'd be surprised. They will quite often ask for less than you were willing to give. And for the times they do ask for more, we gain insight into what they are truly feeling and can often find ways to reach a "middle ground."

Need help with this? Have ProSolutions train your team on complaint resolution or create a problem resolution handbook to help set them up for success.

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